Our Winery

Our winery is located in the South Styrian region of Sausal, in Kitzeck. At 564 meters above sea level, Kitzeck is one of the highest winemaking locations in Central Europe. The Sausal wine road runs through here, and and takes you straight to our winery, which we run as a family business.

Stefan Schauer has been the solely responsible vintner here since 2010. Brother Bernhard has taken on the marketing and business management. Our parents Elisabeth and Karl Schauer are ready to help out in all areas - in the vineyard or wine cellar - whenever we need them. You will encounter them first and foremost in our beautiful Buschenschank (wine tavern).

What makes our winery special? The extremely steep slate slopes, 100% handwork and our passion for the region. Our love for winemaking, and our wines themselves: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling. These are our favorite varieties!

And also the Gaisriegl: our best and steepest vineyard, high up in Kitzeck. The ground on which our home is perched and where our wine cellar is located. It gives our single vineyard Sauvignon and single vineyard Pinot Gris their names.

How much land do we have under cultivation? We call eighteen acres of vineyards our own, and they will stay that way. But it isn’t size alone that matters!



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